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Assemblies and Lessons

As well as covering the major Christian festivals (Harvest, Christmas and Easter), CEP has a range of lessons and assemblies that are applicable all year round and to all key stages.

Primary Schools

All of our assemblies are anchored by a Bible story but have a general message that can be embraced by all regardless of faith. Themes include; ‘Bullying’, ‘Generosity’, ‘Change’, ‘Setting Goals’ and ‘Forgiveness’. We are also happy to work to the school’s suggested theme and create new material.

Lessons for KS1 have recently included; ‘Belonging’, ‘Change’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘The lost son’, ‘Feeding the 5,000’, ‘The Bible’ and ‘St Francis’

Lessons for KS2 have recently included; ‘The Bible’, ‘Parables’, ‘Faith in Action’, ‘Why is Jesus important?’ and ‘Moving on / yr6 transition lessons’.

We also conduct Q&A lessons in both Primary and Secondary schools where the pupils (and teachers) can ask the questions they want the answers to with regard to the Christian faith.

CEP also runs teambuilding workshops that are popular with Yrs 5 & 6, although they are just as effective with staff on inset days!



Secondary Schools

CEP has a number of pre-prepared lessons on themes such as; ‘The Bible’, ‘What is a Christian?’, ‘Euthanasia’, ‘What keeps a believer going?’, ‘Forgiveness (the life and teachings of Jesus’) and ‘Relationships and Marriage’.

We are also involved in helping run a number of lunchtime clubs, one to one mentoring and PHSE/Citizenship lessons.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas on how we can support you and your school.

All sessions can be adapted to suit context / time restrictions of specific school

Please remember there is no charge to schools for the work that we do.