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Covid-19 Pandemic

As noted in the Achievements paragraphs above the Project has been working within a changing environment of lockdowns and other restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently the Trustees and Project Leader have been constantly reviewing the impact that the crisis continues to have on the Project.

Factors that may impact the Project detrimentally in the future include a drop in donations and other voluntary income and limitations to meet and engage with donors and churches due to social distancing. The Trustees are thankful for the level of support and interest in the Project currently being seen across both churches and individuals.

The Project Leader and Trustees have been working to comply with Government guidance in developing a series of mitigating factors including:

  • Staff continue to have limited access to the office and work from home where this is practical;
  • As noted above the Project continued to use the furlough scheme on a part time basis when schools were closed or work was halted due to the pandemic;
  • We have worked to maintain a “COVID Secure” office space in line with Government, local authority, and Clayhall Baptist Church (CBC) requirements as these have changed during the period under review. This has limited the number of staff within the office at any one time and increased our cleaning routines;
  • The Trustees consider that there is a minimal reduction in productivity with the schools’ team working from home when not on furlough;
  • As noted above the Project has developed a range of pre-recorded assemblies for distribution to schools where a physical presence was not possible;
  • The Project Leader continues to liaise with schools and ensures that the Project complies with their risk assessments for any planned visits. The Trustees continue to monitor the response to this ongoing situation and will continue to act in a manner that both protects staff and limits the risk to the ongoing success of the Project. As noted below under Financial Outlook the Trustees are confident that the preparation of these financial statements under the going concern basis is appropriate given the current situation.

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